Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"I like camp!"

It's 3:48 pm.
I hear the minivan pull up outside.
I hear the front door open.
I rise and head for the stairs to intercept T on his way up to his room...bracing myself for the tirade that is sure to come about his second day at his therapeutic camp for other children with ASD.
I turn the corner and there he is - stopped midway on the stairs.

And I hear the words: "I like camp."

Wha? How? When? What?

"Stop messing with me", was my reply.

"Nope.  I'm serious.  I love camp.  And it only took one day.  And I met a friend.  Her name is Astrid*.  We played WII together.  And kickball wasn't that bad.  And Rick* is my friend too - we're the three amigos."

I've never actually been dumbfounded before in my life.  Never.  This one takes the cake.

So we hugged, and I held back the tears while thanking God outloud for the blessing of a great day at camp!

*That's not really their names...all names are changed to protect the Aspies.

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